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Soft Contact Lens Materials

 Name  Water Content  DK  Brand Names
Group1 (Low water, <50% H2O; Nonionic Hydrogel Polymers)
Crofilcon 37% 13 CSI,CSI Toric
Helfilcon A/B 45% 12 Optima Toric
Polymacon 38% 9 Biomedics 38,Hydron Zero6,Optima 38,Soflens 38
Tefilcon 38% 8.9 Cibasoft,Illusions,Cibasoft Standard,Torisoft
Tetrafilcon A 43% 9 Cooper Toric,Preference,Preference Toric
Acofilcon B 49% 15 CSI,CSI Toric
Group2 (High water, >50% H2O; Nonionic Hydrogel Polymers)
Comfilcon A 48% 128 Biofinity,Biofinity Toric
Group3 (Low water, <50% H2O; Ionic Hydrogel Polymers)
Bufilcon A 45% 16 SoftMate B